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    Gallop Equine™ is an equestrian technology business that specializes in the design of smart equestrian gear. We put an emphasis on the long-term improvement of the equestrian rider. All products are geared towards the goal to remove old patterns and improve the riding style through constant reminders.

  • SmartRide™

    Correct mistakes our eyes may never see

    Gallop Equine - SmartBoot™


    Introducing the world’s first SmartBoot™, a patent-pending intelligent riding boot that helps equestrians correct their foot position.

    When one’s heel shifts upwards, it decreases the control and pressure they have on the stirrup, activating the sensors inside the boot. The custom and handmade boot made with high quality calf leather sends soft vibrations to the corresponding foot when the heel is malpositioned.

    Gallop Equine - SmartRide App

    SmartRide™ Series App

    The smartride™ series is your personal trainer to guide you on your journey to become a better rider.

    SmartRide™ is a series of smart equestrian devices that help an equestrian rider remove old habits and correct their riding position in no time. All your devices co-exist on the SmartRide™ App to ensure a great integration for maximum improvement.

  • Classic meets the future

    Smart technology. Fast improvement. More security.

    Gallop Equine - Smart equestrian gear


    Observe trends via the SmartRide™ app. Improve your riding position over time.



    Receive soft vibrations directly to your SmartBoot™. Correct your riding position in real-time while your data is saved on your personal smartphone.



    Select how frequent you would like to receive the soft vibrations. Set your own goals and enjoy the ride.

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    Saddle Pad
    Breathable high quality cotton saddle pad made with durable cushion filing for best comfort of rider and horse. The pad has a PVC badge in the girth area to protect the fabric.

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  • Specs

    A microchip embedded in a hand-made high quality riding boot.

    10 HRS








    Water Resistant


  • Executive Profile

    People behind Gallop Equine

    Maria Senf

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Maria graduated with her MA and MBA in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Elmhurst College. She is an avid equestrian in the hunter/jumper division.

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