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Choosing the Right Saddle Pad

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Saddle pads come in many designs, shapes, and styles to fit every discipline and need. We have put together a list of common types to hopefully make it a little easier. And did you know Gallop™ also sells saddle pads? Head over to our store to get one for yourself!

Types of Saddle Pads

  • Numnah: A numnah is cut more closely to the shape of the saddle. You can find them in almost any saddle style including jumping and dressage saddles. As with other pads, they come in a variety of materials and styles. 
  • Half pad: Half-pads can be very helpful since they are contoured to the shape of a horse's back. They can be used if you find your saddle is just a little too wide or it sits unevenly on your horse. Half-pads are also extremely useful if you horse tends to have a sore back. They fit directly over your regular saddle pad. 
  • Dressage pad: Dressage pads are designed to fit the unique shape of a dressage saddle with it's long flaps. The cut of the pad is more square and many riders use it for regular day-to-day riding. This pad is a good all-around pad to have. 
  • Jumping pad: The cut of a jumping saddle pad is similar to that of a Dressage pad but it is not quite as long, or square since they are styled with the jumping saddle in mind. Like a Dressage pad, its design and form make it a great all-around pad to have no matter your discipline. 

Saddle Pad Materials

  • Sheepskin: Sheepskin is a popular and aesthetically pleasing material due to it's durable, comfortable, and breathable nature. Popular for competition pads. 
  • Gel: Half-pads are most commonly made from gel to limit the impact on your horse's back.
  • Foam: Foam and memory foam are also known for providing extra cushion and memory foam will contour to your horse's back.
  • Neoprene: This is a rubber-like material and can help keep a saddle in place. However, this may not be a good choice for horses with sensitive skin. It is waterproof and breathable and very easy to clean. 
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