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Correct small mistakes our eyes may never seeTM

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Who can say they have the perfect foot position in their stirrup? I have been riding for years and my feet seem to live their own lives at times. Let's imagine a time your trainer is not on-site and you are on your own. Who is going to tell you your feet are off? How is your horse going to react?

I have been asking myself these questions for a while now. Despite all these training exercises to strengthen my leg and foot position on the horse, I sometimes fall back in these old patterns in shifting my foot too far back or letting my heal come up. This can interfere with my riding, especially when jumping.

After a very short night, I woke up one morning, letting my thoughts race around one topic: How can I improve my foot position in the long-term and remember to keep the same position on my horse.

Let's look at this a different way. Who remembers their mom yelling at them for not sitting straight? My childhood is the perfect example. How do I sit and walk (and ride) today? I am always straight! Thanks mom for being so consistent. I should call her smart, because that is exactly what makes a person not only change their behavior but also keep up with this behavior.

With this simple idea in mind, we created a smart riding device that does exactly that: Remind you when you fall in your old patterns. Remind you when it is time to improve your foot position. Start to think smart today and you will be rewarded tomorrow.

- Maria Senf, CEO Gallop Equine

Smart Stirrup
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